Merging Twilio MMS Into Code Base


There’s a small update done by a developer that adds MMS support to the Twilio integration that’s been sitting in Github since December. Is there any chance that can get merged in ASAP? Rocket.Chat is perfect for our organization, but we really need MMS support.


I’ve pinged the guys involved in livechat. I can’t really speak for them or their time. But maybe they will have a chance to work on it. Feel free in cases like this to comment on the PR to bump it :slight_smile:

Knowing there is interest in it, always helps move it up in pile of things to be reviewed


Is there anyone in the community willing to do sponsored work? Need two features on top of MMS:
-Ability to initiate a SMS message from Rocket.Chat
-Ability to route different Twilio phone numbers to either different queues, or directly to specific agents


Hop over and post in #jobs category. Probably best place to ask. Also we have a jobs category here that i’ve moved your post to.