Matrix Federation

Hey there,
I was wondering if there is a space to watch, like a github-issue or a thread here to have information on the progress of the matrix-federation announced in this press-release.
I am aware of this issue following federation in general and this feature-request on a matrix-bridge (or some bridge anyway).
I’m really hyped about the press release and I was wondering if there is already a plan on when work will start on this and when alpha / beta testing can be expected.
I also noticed this announcement (doesn’t look like a permalink so 2022-05-27) in the weekly matrix report.

Love you for doing this,

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Hi Shukon!

You can keep an eye on our repo, for issues and pulls regarding that.

One of our lead devs has written a nice article on his blog about it:

Also, we plan on talking about Matrix in our upcoming Community Open Call, a great opportunity for you to bring any questions you might have.

See you there :slight_smile:


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