Livechat widget: Connect to room?

Hi there,

have a special requirement for livechat widget.
I want to connect to a room instead of connect to an agent. Is this possible and is there some example code available?


Hi! Welcome to our forums!!

The Livechat widget is only for Omnichannel, for when you want to support a visitor/customer on queues, with agents, managers and coming from your website or other channels, like Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

You can probably accomplish this, using the APIs Rocket.Chat has, but it’s not it’s purpose, initially, and would require some non conventional scripts and integration :wink:

When you want to embed chat in your or software or website you should look for InApp Chat.

We’ll have a webinar in a couple weeks specifically about it, you may consider participating:


thanks for your informations, I registered to the event.
I agree to your remarks about Omnichannel integration, but thought it should be possible to adjust livechat to roomchat also.

To be prepared whats possible with “InApp Chat” I searched but could not find any further informations… Can you provide me with a link?


That’s an expertise that we are moving fast into.

Right now we have all kinds of APIs to integrate (REST and RealTime) and some SDKs. Our goal is to advance on this, improving the tool set we already have and creating new ones.

Also, we have some GSOC projects planed to help on that: