Livechat javascript API and events

We are looking into migrating away from Olark to Livechat.

Some features of Livechat are missing.

Would be nice to have an javascript API for:

  • show chat window
  • hide chat window

Would be nice to have events for:

  • operators online (would help to mark in the site top bar for example that we’re ONLINE - ex turn the butotn green or some other custom action)
  • operators offline (we could write some js code to hide the chat window and mark the status in the contact form as offline)

Is this doable now ?
Is this on the TODO list ?

Hi @dazoot
I’m glad to know that you’re interested in start using our Livechat solution.
About your questions:

  • show chat window: Do you mean calling an API method to maximize the widget?
  • hide chat window: Do you mean calling an API method to minimize the widget?

Regarding the events to notify when the status of the agents changed, it’s something we need to measure the impact on performance stuff and how to reflect this behaviour on client side.
The point is that you want to make the Livechat widget goes to online/offline mode in realtime, right? According the status of the agents, as well as the office hours(if it’s activated), am I right?

I’ll be waiting for your feedback.


Renato Becker.

Hi there.

Show hide like here:


As for the events, it can be in semi real time.
May be configurable from the admin (5 seconds push/pull or 20 seconds push/pull, etc).


Hi @dazoot!

Yeah, the features you described are very nice features!
Some of them we already have in our list of potential new features to be implemented. We’re planning the next roadmap of the Livechat and the features you describe are very interesting features, so it’s very important to know that there are people interested on those features, it will be very helpful!
I noticed you opened an issue on github, right? What to you think about adding all of your suggestion there?

Best regards.

Renato Becker.

ok i will add the details in github too. Thank you!

i’m searching for this feature.

Imagine something like.

No chat bar at the bottom right. No chat at the user screen at all.

“user using my site, going and click in stuff”

When the user reach some part of the site or some content. (image a reactjs/angular where the url never change)

Then with a special event that I control I open the chat widget.


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The official chat of the rocket chat, use a call button to open the chat, the livechat in the corner without the option to control via javascript, when it should open or close makes commercial use impossible, marketing people do not accept this small window to the chat