Link preview for google docs that require login



Hi, google docs link previews shown to me in Rocket.Chat App display a “login required” text instead of the doc content.

This is expected, as the google docs links are pointing to documents that require me signing in to google drive.

My question is: can I make Rocket.Chat sign in to google drive in order to show me meaningful link previews even for files that require authentication? I do not need anything fancy like triggers by Zapier etc. I would just like to preview content for files that are accessible to me.

I hope this issue I have is a simple one and I’m just not seeing the right solution!

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 0.64.2

At the moment this is not possible. However, we do have plans for Apps to be able to provide this. See this issue:


Thanks Bradley, I am looking forward to this feature :slight_smile: