Left sidebar room type order

Is there a configuration option to define the order of room types in the right left sidebar?

In particular, is it possible to have the direct rooms at the top (above private and public)?

Or alternatively, is there a possibility to collapse the types?

Otherwise when there are many private or public rooms the direct rooms disappear.



Not sure when you mean?

Channels are normally on the left?

Can you post a screen shot?

Hi @john.crisp

Yes. Sorry. Should have posted directly with a screenshot

In the black sidebar on the left the order of the rooms now is: Discussion, Private, Public and finally Direct.
Is there a configuration option to move the direct rooms to the top?


At the minute I don’t believe so.

There have been a number of issues opened on this subject already so please don’t add another!

Have a look for one and +1 and link it here.

Sorry! I did write “right sidebar” but i ment “left sidebar”…


Brain fade. That’s me today!!!

No worries.