Just installed 6.4.1. Rocket Chat will stop working properly in 15 days?

So “blocking the screen” isn’t that great either (it’s no better to the user than blocking logins). But there’s another issue here that I think is even greater concern to me

I understand the desire to keep everyone within the specified support windows, but the looming mongo 5.0 requirement coming in RC 7.0 is going to be a huge issue for self-hosted instances if we don’t get reliable upgrade documentation. Of course I’m referring specifically to the AVX requirement to use Mongo DB 5.0 and up:


This is something I haven’t quite been able to figure out how to deal with all year (I’m using Docker), and I think the community could really use some official support on the matter. So far the information is spread out all over the place, but it seems like it should be possible to run mongo 5.0 without needing AVX with the right compilation, but there’s no resources on how one might do this. If 7.0 is eventually released and we aren’t able to resolve the AVX issue within the supported window, we would no longer be able to use Rocket Chat :disappointed: