Issue with assigning same room(channel) with multiple teams


I am trying to assign teams to a room. Here are my use case example below:

I created a room(channel) named “Test Room”. Then i created a team name “Test Team 1”. Once team creation is done, i assigned the “Test Team 1” to the channel(room) “Test Room” successfully.

Next, i created a new team named “Test Team 2”. And when i try to assign the “Test Team 2” team to the same room “Test Room”, rocket chat is not allowing me to do that. I dont even see the room name in drop down.

I checked the api that i am using from this link below. Looks like it should support multiple teams into single room. Am i missing anything here?

Please help me on this issue as this is been major blocker for my use case.


/api/v1/teams.addRooms – api that i am currently using.

Thank You



If we have an issue here, it would help to have the exact steps in order to reproduce.

As you are using the API for that, the actual curl commands would be ideal.

After we are able to consistently reproduce this issue on latest version, then we can move on to opening an Issue.

Thank you!

Thank You @dudanogueira

Even though i use curl command, i am still unable to assign multiple teams to a same room.

  1. Go to your rocket chat url
  2. create a channel named “Saurav”
  3. then create team named “Myteam1”
  4. assign team “Myteam1” to channel “Saurav”

Now please do this steps below next

  1. Create team named “Myteam2”
  2. Try assigning the team “Myteam2” to channel “Saurav”. You wont be able to find the channel named “Saurav” when you try to assign “Myteam2”

So, i am trying to find a way where we should be able to assign multiple teams to a same room ( channel)

Please let me know if this is possible.


Hi! Sorry for the late response.

I believe that this is by design.

channels can have only one team as their parent. You can move a channel to another team, or assign the channel to a team, if it doesn’t have one already.