Adding current members of a team to a newly created channel


Hello guys.
I’m playing with the new “teams” feature. This is great, but I don’t understand a thing : according to the documentation, it is possible to “Add all team members to a channel”.

I understand the “auto-join” feature, where new members are automatically added to linked channels, but how to add all existing team members to a newly linked channel ?
Am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.13.2
  • Operating System: CentOS
  • Deployment Method: docker
  • Number of Running Instances: 6
  • DB Replicaset Oplog:
  • NodeJS Version: 12.21
  • MongoDB Version: 3.6.17
  • Proxy: apache
  • Firewalls involved: no

I’m stuck at this point as well. It does not seem to be possible to add existing members of a team to team-channels.
Is this intended?

Hi. I’ve spent some time trying that on v. 3.14.0. No luck.

In fact, the documentation is probably not in sync with whats going on.

I also was expecting this result:

Considering you have a team, linked with 4 channels. Every new member to this team, should be automatically added to the linked 4 channels.

I could not reproduce that. new members are not added to linked channels.

It would be nice to, when adding a new user to a team, ask if all or some of the linked channels should be automatically joined.

also when removing a team member, ask what linked channels should be removed from

This is done with the auto-join feature, and it works well. The issue here is different : current team’s member are not added to a newly linked channel (even with auto-join enabled).

So if you have set the channel to AutoJoin via the Channels page then new users do not get added?

This is from today


Have you checked the issues in github?

User do not get automatically added to a team as far as I am aware - I guess you would have to use the API for that at the minute.

Hello John,
The problem is :
1- I have a team T1 composed of 2 users U1 and U2.
2- I create a channel C1 which I link to the team T1.
3- U1 and U2 are not registered in C1, even if it is now linked to T1
4- If we check “auto-join”, then, future users registered in T1 (call it T3 and T4) will be registered to C1, but the initial members U1 and U2 are not registered, we have to do it manually.

I think that when a channel is linked (or just when we check auto-join, perhaps), all users of a team should be registered into it.

So in essence you think that checking ‘auto join’ on a team channel should join all existing team members?

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Yes, exactly.
For now, auto-join only add new registered team’s member, which is an incomplete sync between a team and a linked channel.

We currently have 34500 users in our rocketchat, this feature will be useful !
Thank you John.

On that scale it would take some serious processing I’d guess.

This is really a feature request rather than a bug - Rocket isn’t actually breaking, just not working the way you expect it too.

Have you checked through the issues and feature requests to see if this has already been mentioned?

Have a look and let me know and if necessary we can try and add it as a a NFR.

I looked those resources before asking here, I didn’t see anything related, it’s surprising…
I agree with you, this is not breaking, but we’ve been asked this specific feature multiple time where I work.
What is the best way to ask for this feature ? Create an issue in rocketchat or ask in the “feature-requests” repo ?

You can add it as a Feature Request in that repo. We may merge that back in time but for now please keep this separate from other issues.

Make sure you fill in the bug template properly and accurately describe the issue as we have discussed here.

Make sure you note the Rocket.Chat version you are using too, and add a link to this discussion for reference.


The Rocket.Chat docs seem to indicate that this should be possible:


You’re right, it is even mentioned in this documentation : “Add all team members to a channel”.

I created a feature request, asked by John : Add all team members to a channel · Issue #463 · RocketChat/feature-requests · GitHub

This was fixed here and released in 3.15.0