Is there a way to make new channels/discussions public by default?

I didn’t see any toggle in the admin settings to do this.

When users create a new channel the default is for it to be private but we thought it would be better if they were open by default as most users will not necessarily know the distinction and just click through and make a private channel/discussion, limiting access, unbeknownst to them.

So is there a way to make them open and public by default? Was unable to find an option relating to this in admin settings.


There is not a setting, right now, that will define the Interface default value for that field.

but… this may fit your needs:
You can prevent users roles from creating private channels all together.

Go to Admin > Permissions > Search “create-p”

This will list you the option to add or remove the “Create Private Channels” permission for user roles.

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Let me know if this helps you.


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Thanks, yes I came to the conclusion you mentioned myself too. Was checking if there was any other solution but seems not.