iPhone client, uploading self-portrait pictures is not successful


Version: 0.71-0.72

Specific performance:
Uploading a small picture downloaded online can be sent, and using the iPhone self-portrait picture, 97% probability upload and send failed, the specific performance is uploaded to half, the upload operation disappears

The web version and the computer client do not have this problem.

Excuse me, how can I solve this problem? Thanks


What’s your configuration for size limitation on upload on the Admin panel?


The problem is solved, thank you! The reason is that my front end uses Nginx for proxying, and the Nginx upload limit is modified to solve the problem.

Rafael Kellermann Streit rocketchat@discoursemail.com 于2018年11月30日周五 下午7:41写道:


Amazing, let’s close the issue. :+1: