iOS 3.0.2 released

Dear Rocket.Chat community,

Today we’re shipping iOS 3.0.2 to the App Store!


This update introduces many fixes and improvements:

  • Size of the user details on the iPad is now proportional to the content;
  • Search bar clear button wasn’t hiding in some situations;
  • Proper theming on the Administration panel;
  • Use the right content type in all fields of the authentication flow;
  • Increase the contrast of the in-app notifications;
  • Highlight bug on having @all and some other user at the same sentence when using full-name setting;
  • Subscriptions were repeating between groups in some cases;
  • Sometimes the user would keep in loop trying to reconnect to a server;
  • Bouncing is back on the reactors list;
  • Improved the visualization of unread rooms;
  • Fixed many crashes on older version of Rocket.Chat (we do recommend using at least 0.64+);
  • Fixed authentication with WordPress;
  • Fixed search results for servers that are using fullname;
  • Now the login with email button is respecting the setting from the server;


Thank you all for helping us on this release! :tada:

More information

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here.

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