Interface describtion IOmnichannelSourceApp

Is anyone can describe a comments to this interface?
interface IOmnichannelSourceApp {
type: ‘app’;
id: string;
// A human readable alias that goes with the ID, for post analytical purposes
alias?: string;
// A label to be shown in the room info
label?: string;
sidebarIcon?: string;
defaultIcon?: string;

Especially for "id’ filed ( is it id of app or any uuid) and “sidebarIcon” with “defaultIcon” (what need to set? base64, base64 with data uri, link to file? Is it possible to use svg or png)?

I found solution, need to create public endpoint with the name ‘get-sidebar-icon’.
sidebarIcon and defaultIcon are names of svg icon files that where get-sidebar-icon will return.

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Thanks for sharing!

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