Change header title & favicon


Where can I change the favicon & header information for rocket chat?


Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server:
  • Operating System:
  • Deployment Method:
  • Number of Running Instances:
  • DB Replicaset Oplog:
  • NodeJS Version:
  • MongoDB Version:
  • Proxy:
  • Firewalls involved:

Any additional Information


You can change icons, login background and logo in
Admin > Assets

If by header title you mean the <title> attribute, it comes from:
Admin > General > Site Name

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Thank you for this

But Im referring to the name and icon that is added when I send our link via Whats or telegram.

It seems this is set in the header of a file.

can you direct my to the file I can updated from the server?

Hum. I tried sending a deployment I have on both whatsapp and telegram, and it did not rendered.

I think this is some SEO tags on the HTML, and probably there is rooms for improvements.

For example, Just now I posted my direct link (( and it didn’t rendered nicely:

On that case, is not simply a matter of changing files, and Rocket.Chat is “compiled”, and for changing the source code you need to change and rebuild it.

Do you know which HTML ? whats the path?

BTW - on the community product, I have 200 women try and login at the same time it kept hanging!!


It’s not easy to change Rocket.Chat directly from source code. It needs some building/compiling, and things gets complicated from there.

Regarding this issue, If all those users are in the same network, they will all have the same IP while consuming Rocket.Chat APIs. This can trigger the Rate API Limit (Admin > Rate API Limiter) you can both increase this limit or disable it all together.

Again, this can happen depending on your network. If each one of those 200 users are in different networks (mobile, or from home, etc). It may be other problem. Logs should give us a hint :slight_smile:

Many thanks

We disabled the rate API, We used the API’s to create an SSO like connection between the website and the RC.

Any idea how to change font? Sounds?.. i notice the fonts are in the a folder, can we ad another font to the files? we’d like RC to look like our website as much as possible.

Finally, you’ve BBB integrated - however there is not distinction between moderators and users,- can we change the source code?


For sounds there is Admin > Custom Sounds

For fonts and other visuals, best option is Admin > Layout > Custom CSS

Not sure about the BBB issue.

I saw- wasnt sure how it works… I’ll check it out…

Are there any activity hooks that I can use from Rocket Chat?.. so when a user sends a post, I’d like to how know who (User ID), Which channel (channel ID, Name) and what they posted? (Post ID, and contents)

I’ve checked the doc’s and cant find it!

Appreciate your help


You can rely on our Realtime API for that:




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We’ve been using RC for a couple of months now… and its working well… a couple of questions

How do I maintain upgrades on the server ?

The BBB integrations is not complete - as all users have the same profile - is there plans to upgrade this?

appreciate you help


Not sure how you deployed (hopefully using docker/k8s), but it’s just a matter of backing up, then changing the version at your docker-compose.yml, pulling the image, and applying the new version.

with docker, after changing the docker-compose.yml to latest version, you can run those commands:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Note: Always do backups and test on a staging environment.

Regarding Video Conferencing, we do have some tasks in road map to improve those integrations. Right now they are loosely integrated, meaning it will just create a new room and sharing the link.

not sure why we missed the profiles… since opening a rooms is for those with conf privileges but once in the room the profiles are ignored and everyone is a moderator!.. Such a simple extension… since 99% of the work has already been done!..

Can I support the dev team with specific feedback ?

Right now its a shame, but Im turning it off because of this small issue.

Above refers to BB int

Sure, but we need a more comprehensive description about how to reproduce this.

And sometimes this will limitation or issue from the Video Conference itself, so we may have no action on Rocket.Chat’s code base, but on the video code base.

It’s really is not much of a task.

I can pseudo code it - if needed.