Install on cPanel


Hi. Can install Rocket chat in cPanel?


I doubt you would, cPanel is not going to make it easy to get both node and mongodb going.


If you are extremely determined you probably could. But due to cpanel being all setup for MySQL and php based sites… You would have to do a lot of hacking. Each one likely would be different.

Let’s say some how by some sort of luck you get it. When using cpanel, typically you are in a shared host. So if you had a bunch of noisy(CPU or memory intense) neighbors… You would have performance issues.

But more likely you would be that noisy neighbor and your provider would undo all of your hard work.

Bottom line… If you want to run more than your WordPress or other php site… Spend the bit extra for a proper VPS that you can actually install what you want on it. It’s well worth it, and we have many guides for that.