Install instructions don't match bundle file structure


Hi there,
I am trying to install RocketChat to Debian using these instructions:

Everything is fine except the folder structure seems slightly different. Firstly there is no /bundle folder at the top, but I can guess where the intended place is.

If i go into the /server folder and type “npm install”, it’s ok.

But I don’t have a main.js file in the top level folder, but I do have a /server/main.js file.

The systemd service file expects main.js at the top level.

This is so confusing, can anyone help at all? The bundle came from a fork of the development repo that has had minor code changes applied to.



Hello Simon, you can probably modify this file /lib/systemd/system/rocketchat.service and change the ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node /opt/Rocket.Chat/main.js line to point to the right path.


Hi, thanks Lucia. I tried the various main.js files, though I don’t know which is correct.
They all caused a Node syntax error on the token “import”.
In any case, the issue here is that I’m working with a development package as opposed to a release bundle. There’s a long list of problems associated with this unfortunately and no realistic way to figure them out.


Sure, maybe is better to see if you can manage to start it in the command line first before configuring the service too.


Ok I figured it all out. Will leave a note here in case someone else has the same problem. If like me you had a development package, I had to create a release bundle. Was pretty easy, just went into the dev top folder and ran "meteor build .
Then with the resulting release output, can follow the instructions from the RocketChat install steps. Now it’s running as a systemd process :slight_smile: