HELP for installation on Debian 10



i want to install a rocket chat server for our office with 5 guys. We habe a QNAP TES-1885 NAS, i installed Debian in a VM and wantet to install But i failed now many times. I`ve tried many tutorials and videos, but no one works in my enviroment.

I really hope, that somebody can help me.

Here is a screenshot from my problem.

Now i installed a update from node to node 12.16.1, after the installation i could start the rocketchat.service, and the service was active after that i tried to open the browser page, but nothing… on i see the nginx page.

I made a reboot and after that, the service doesnt run and i tried to start manually with this error:

Are you sure that you’re using the right nodejs? The one in the repos is too old.

Check that it’s node 12.x by running:
/usr/local/bin/node -v

Also: why not just use Ubuntu and install from a snap? This is a supported method.

good morning,

yes, i installed node v 12.16.1.

Now i made an new vm with debian 9.7, and it works!