Incoming webhook and @user


Having used Hipchat and Mattermost, when we sent through a @user tag via the incoming webhook, if the hook had notify set, they would get a notification.

In, this does not appear to be the case it just parses it as text instead of for the user.

Is there anything special we need to apply to the incoming hook so it tags the user or is this just not supported currently?


Can you provide an example of what you are doing? I personally use the webhooks and have a few systems that mention me. So I know it works


To keep it basic. We’ve tried putting @user in the “text” value for the example without any luck.

  "text": "Example message",
  "attachments": [
      "title": "Rocket.Chat",
      "title_link": "",
      "text": "Mention @user",
      "image_url": "",
      "color": "#764FA5"

Is there anything special that has to be done?


Perfect. So the issue here is mentions are not parsed in the attachment. If they are in the text(message body) then they are parsed.


I’ll test that.

If that is the case, any chance of adding support for attachment text to also be parsed?


Anythings possible :grin:

Feature request in here: #feature-requests or open a PR adding it