Dynmaic target for incoming webhooks


Hi All,

I am trying to setup an incoming webhook for notifying our cluster users when jobs that they submit to the cluster have completed running. I want the messages to be sent directly (that is as a private message) to the user that submitted the job (cluster usernames are the same as rocketchat usernames), so is there a way to do that? Because is looks like incoming webhooks can only go to a fixed user or channel.

BTW I tried, as a workaround to make the bot that I use with the webhook to send the mention to itself and mention the appropriate user in the text, but while the mention is processed, the mentioned user is not notified in any way.



Server Setup Information

Linux Debian 11

RC Version 4.6.3

Apps Engine Version 1.31.0

Node Version v14.16.1

MongoDB 4.4.5 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled)

Any additional Information

Solution: You can specify the “channel” parameter in the json payload to set receiving channel