Improve Notification Subscription User Experience


It’s currently unwieldy for a user to “Subscribe” to a channel. What I mean by that is that in order to get notifications on your devices for a private or public channel, you have to go into notifications preferences and play around with a bunch of stuff. This makes it hard for users to get notified easily when they join a channel.

I see this implemented in three steps:

  1. Allow user to define notification profiles, and be able to choose one of them as a default, and one as a “Subscribed Channel Default”
  2. When joining a channel, make another button for “Subscribe”. So there would be differentiation between join and subscribe in that if you join, you’ll see the channel in your view with the default notification preference, and if you subscribe, you’ll get the “subscribed channel default” notification preference.
  3. Place a subscribe button on each channel dialog to be able to turn on/off subscriptions.

The idea is a one-button place to get notifications on your desktop and mobile (or however users choose to be notified).