Impossible to hover cursor on the edit mark icon of the messages next to first


It is impossible to hover cursor on the edit mark icon of the edited messages, underneath first message. Is it a bug or intended behaviour?

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Tried on too, so I think it doesn’t matter.

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Video demo: impossible to move cursor on the edit mark icon.mp4 - Google Drive

I believe that’s the intended behavior. That’s just an icon to show the message was edited.

If you want to edit the message, you can go to the right end of the message, click on the three dots of that message, and edit.


you can click on the message area, and press up on the keyboard until you get to the message you want to edit.

I know that, dude :wink:
I mean, what if I want to see the date and editor’s name of other person message. I just can’t do that for such messages.


The messages are grouped by author. So on the video that second edited message belongs to the person right next on top. If the message was not edited, there was not an icon there, so no missing information like date or author.

Hope I understood this correctly :slight_smile:

sorry, but nope, not always. Other people (admins, moderators, etc.) can edit other users’ message, and user could never know who and when edited his message, because he can’t hover onto the icon.

Oh, I see what you mean. :rofl:

on the edit icon that doesn’t disappear, it will show who and when the message was edited.

However, on subsequent messages, grouped, there is no way of showing it.

There is certainly room for improvement there. Also, while I was able to find the edition informations on the first icon, the one that doesn’t disappear, I was not able to find those information on the icon that disappears.

The best course of action here is to open up a new issue pointing about this limitation here:

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opened issue Impossible to hover cursor on the edit mark icon of the messages next to the first · Issue #24962 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub

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