Implementing Rocket Chat in our own native apps


Hi All,

Has anyone came across this issue where you want to integrate rocket chat in your own app?

Is there a way to do it or any guidelines on how to do it?

Our company is ready for any contractors who has experience in doing this.



Hey @shorabhd, that’s awesome!

Do you plan to fork our apps, or to integrate into your own app just calling the APIs?

Thank you!


Hi @rafael.kellermann

We are trying to integrate in our own app just calling the APIs…



Nice, what language are you guys using?

We’ve already an SDK written in Kotlin that implements most for the requests:

We’ll start working in one for Swift later this year.


Thanks @rafael.kellermann for quick responses.

We have Swift, Java, TypeScript and PHP.

Our Android app is mostly based on Java. So we were thinking to use the Java SDK or Android deprecated one.

Is there some reference or docs where I can start with Swift?



You should be fine using our Kotlin SDK in your Java project.

About the Swift one, you can follow what we do here:


Thanks a lot. Will look into it. @rafael.kellermann