Iframe integration, steals focus in random moment :(

I’ve finished doing full Rocket.chat integration with my site but I have one big problem. Rocket.chat steals cursor focus in random moments.
I thought the problem is the “autofocus” setting in the message field’s textarea.

  <textarea autofocus name = "msg" maxlength = "{{maxMessageLength}}" placeholder = "{{_ 'Message'}}" rows = "1" class = "rc-message-box__textarea js-input-message autogrow-short "> </ textarea>

I removed it using “user scripts” but it did not work.
What can I do to fix this problem? Now you can not use my site correctly because often the focus moves to rocket.chat (this happens at random moments, not necessarily when I get a notification)

Thanks for the help and creating an amazing chat!

I have the same issue. It will randomly grab focus while in an iframe.

Can you narrow it down to any specific thing happening?