Hubot as a service

Hi all,

I would like to have my hubot to connect on server start, so i found this file:

… but i can’t get it working because i don’t understand it. Can anyone help explaining me this file so i can make it work?

Is this needed at all? My hubot connects correctly but when I Ctrl+C it disconnects from chat.

Thank you.

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well… i helped myself and found pm2 software, and found this example json:

…modified it to suite my needs, and then run:

pm2 start pm2.json

…and that started my hubot, and finally to make it a service i issued command:

pm2 startup

…that generated command to execute, and thats it, after reboot bot is up with rocketchat.

I do all this on ubuntu server 16.04

I hope someone will find this usefull, or I will get some suggestions to improove solution.

Thanks, i enyoj sharing my newbie discoveries.

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