HTTPS not working on Synology Docker

Hi everyone !

I have successfully installed on my Synology NAS, but I am having trouble getting HTTPS to work with it.

I’m working on a DS916+ running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. I’ve got the latest Docker application from synology installed. Also I did install a better version of Docker-compose with bash and installed Rocket-Chat with the default configuration file found on the Rocket chat website. I just replace the default “ROOT_URL”.

I can access rocket chat with HTTP but not with HTTPS in local. Is there something I missed that I should have done ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I will look into this. I know a bit f these things, but somehow I cannot managed it all. A SSL-certificate for the Synology interface is quite simple.

I just found the solution. In fact the reverse proxy on my Synology was badly configurated.
I reconfigured it and it works !