How to remove a server from the app? Can not logout - not connected

HAve my own server running, Windows client works.
Android app was able to log in, but this changed.
How to reset all settings in the app?
Can not see any server specific data, but can not login and can not log out.

After deinstall/ install all settings are still there.(/and not working)

app data - clear cache

We have the same problem here. The latest version for android introduced this issue additionally to all the other problems we got when upgrading to 1.0.2
Clearing the app data and cache fixes the issue for a few hours. Then out of the blue it reappears. We’re not able to pin it down unfortunately :confused:

after removing all data and cache, I can connect to the server, the admin panel shows me all data,
but in the main panel nothing is shown,
the rooms are partially listed,
if I enter a room, nothing is there,
if I try to write, sending does not work and I can not close the keyboard.

in summary:
the only function of the app is to test if a server is online and see the server parameter and (maybe) change things in the admin panel ( I doubt this works, to afraid to try)
Its not possible to chat as an admin user.

I have not tried the admin user with the app. If you experience this issue with a standard user after clearing the data & cache, check if the websocket settings are set correctly in nginx or apache (provided you’re using a reverse proxy)

spooky - I tried another user with selfregistered normal user rights.
After selecting a private chat and successful chatting, the app seems to work normal.

again a login with the admin role, nothin in the center screen, then selecting a private chat via directory->user
the app seems to work, but every room/chat/thread asks for “do you wnat to enter?”(free translation)
The app might be very powerful, but for some one with out debugging skills not easy to get to run,

I do not understand why the search first shows nothing than “Verzeichnis/directory” it could save the click if it shows one of the twol lists imediately and offers a toggle to see the other.

And after the first login it must show that it is a live, without the need to first search some thing.