How to install chat widget on my website?

Hey hey!

I want to use Website Widget to support users of my web application.
Where can I find information about how to install it? How much does it cost?

Thank you!

Hi! Welcome to our Community! :hugs:

Here you can find our docs on how to accomplish that:

the livechat widget is available for both Community and Enterprise Edition.

For the Enterprise Edition you have more configuration and functionalities.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ve installed it now. It works!


  1. it shows that everyone is offline but I’m online in rocket admin panel for sure
  2. when I try to send a test message using the widget on my website I receive a red box error

What am I doing wrong?


You must not only be a user, but also an agent/manager.

Your user must also be online and available (at the Omnichannel section at the sidebar)

let me know if this helps.

You sir, made my day. Thanks! Question: is the iframe the only/better way to go? If I wanted to display a notification bar on top of the page, for example, could I just return the “div” with the content and styles from the API?