Livechat doesnt work with the website developed under Meteor


Has anyone tried to install Rocket.Chat Livechat widget into website running under under Meteor framework?

I’m pasted the installation code, provided from my server into client/main.html, but when it loads i see in the browser the following error, and the chat doesnt load even the stylings:

uncaught exception: Error: [CustomOAuth: Options.serverURL is required and must be String]

in the same time i tried to include the installation script into plain html, without any js framework, and it worked fine.

So the problem with the colission with the existing meteor framework, or any specific package, like mongo (minimongo), etc… this is a bug, anyway.

Who know what can I do to resolve the issue?


Resolved the issue - added my website domain into the following field:

Administration -> Livechat -> Livechat Allowed Domains