How to add non-company users who are not part of LDAP and Active Directory in a self-managed service

Hello. I use a self-service community service in your company. The software is located on the company’s host. What way do you suggest to have video conferencing with outsiders who are not part of Active Directory and LDAP? Thankful

Hi! Welcome to our forums.

If you are using jitsi for video conferencing, and you create a Jitsi meeting, it will give you an URL.

You can just share that URL with your outside user, and he will be able to join the video call.

If you plan on giving them access to Rocket.Chat itself and it is in a local network, you’ll need to find a way to expose your instance somehow.

Lastly, if you need to have both LDAP users and other users in Rocket.Chat, you can enable the Login Fallback option in Admin > LDAP > Login Fallback

So when this outsider user logins, it will first try against your LDAP, then it will try against your local users, the ones created inside Rocket.Chat in Admin > Users > Create