JWT auth for RocketChat and LDAP auth for guests. Is it possible in Jitsi Meet?

Hi all!

I configure JWT auth in Jitsi Meet. RocketChat users can create rooms. But i want that guests users (who log in in jitsi-meet room by link) will be auth by LDAP.

This is possible? Thank you advanced

Yes ldap authentication is possible with Jitsi - use this link https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wiki/LDAP-Authentication#ldap-authentication-for-jitsi-meet-via-ldap2

But you have to understand one thing, if you have setup LDAP authentication with Rocket Chat it will not take effect with Jitsi, so even you though you are authenticated in RC with ldap, upon initiating Jitsi VC still you have to authenticate one more time.

If you need permanent solution, you have to go with JWT with auth token. These are my views.