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How do you add instagram to omnichannel?

cant find any info in the documentation. this would be for selfhosted

Hi @pat.t -

Rocket.Chat doesn’t support Instagram in Omnichannel (yet!).

Our Dev team is already waiting for the release of the Instagram Messaging API so stay tuned for the news.

Hi @bruno.fontoura ,
finally, the new API was released. Are there any news about the integration? We would highly appreciate this feature!
Kind regards

Hi @mahevo.

I honestly believe our devs are in the fine tuning of the new integration.

@john.crisp - Could you please assist us on this particular question?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Mahevo these things take time. The API has only just been released!!

Efforts are currently on the the new Facebook app and VOIP work but Instagram is on the roadmap and should follow quite soon, but currently I can’t give you an ETA. I have asked the Product team to advise.

As soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

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Hi John,

thanks a lot for your fast reply. This is absolutely ok, please let me know if you need beta testers or similar!

Kind regards

No problems!!

So the answer is ‘this quarter’ but no definitive date yet.

They couldn’t really start planning code until the API was released. That is underway but will take a while. Glad there is some interest and we will try and keep you updated on progress.

Hi @john.crisp and @bruno.fontoura ,
this would be really interesting for us aswell.
We’d love to hear an update if there is any :slight_smile: But no stress, just happy that it comes, whenever that is :slight_smile: