Channel visibility on a user-group basis

Hello. I’d like to arrange groups of users different visibilities of available channels within rocketchat.

So, newuser can see for example ‘general’ only.
usergroup1 can see ‘general+channel1+channel2’
usergroup2 can see ‘general+channel3’ only


Something along these lines is possible in for example phpbb3. I was wondering if it was possible in latest rocketchat?

system=ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
rocketchat=latest updated snap

The ubuntu server was installed with the option “rocketchat”. Its sole function is as a rocketchat server.


Hi! Welcome to our community.

This is not possible, AFAIK.

What you could do is to block the channel directory, and add the users to the channels they should be able to see.

let me know if this helps.