GSoC 2019 - Integrating Google Calendar with Rocket.Chat - Kapil Gautam

This project integrates functionality of Google Calendar with Rocket.Chat platform and allows users to manage their calendars and events from inside their Rocket.Chat using simple slashcommands.

Here is the final submission report -

Here is the Google Calendar Integration repository -

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Can you show some sort of video or screenshots or something showing this working?

Will this end with an app submission we can actually install?

Please visit the repository using the link above, I have uploaded a demo video of all the commands and will soon upload another presentation video. :slight_smile:
And yes you can install by cloning the repo as it is not submitted in the marketplace yet.

Cool I’m pasting here for others that don’t want to have to dig to find it.

Looks like a cool app. Good job

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Thanks! I will soon upload another presentation video as suggested by .

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