Google Play Store User Generated Content (UGC) Policy Issue

We constantly have problems with releasing our own Rocket.Chat app. Regularly there are issues regarding one or more features within the app that do not comply with a ios/android requirement. This time it is about Google’s User Generated Content (UGC) Policy which requires to have a block AND reporting functionality for users and user contents.

Although there is reporting button when you long-tap on a user in a chat, there is only a block/ignore button in the user profiles view.
This seems to be not sufficient. In Google’s rejection explanation they require to have a user report button as well, as far as I understand.

Does anybody else have that issue? And how did you solve that?
And does anyone know why the original RocketChat passed the review but our app does not?


leave it to google to f*()k it up

Hi Florian! Welcome to our Community :hugs:

Thanks for pointing out. Our team is already working on it. Here is the issue so we can track it out:

Our team is aware and working on a fix for this. Thanks!

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