GifRocket (Giphy)

Hi together!

Finally the app-cli has been released (great thanks to @bradley.hilton - awesome work) , so I’m happy to let you all know, that we’re on heavy duty porting our Giphy integration (aka GifRocket) into an app!

We have even some more features planned to extend GifRockets opportunities (like integrating the aswell). Our plan is to create an all-in-one-gif-experience without any need to install lots of different apps.

But one after the other. Firstly we need to finish the Giphy integration, but we’re quite close to get this done. After that, we will implement the Giphy-Sticker functionality, so that you all can use GifRocket as you’re used to.

If you have any ideas, wishes or issues, feel free to let us know on github:

Our Roadmap is available here:

We’ll keep you updated here, so stay tuned!

BTW: In the meantime feel free to use the integration:



This is awesome! :grin: Looking forward to trying the app out


I’m plan to migrate from mattermost to rocketchat
Are you plan to add Gif as native?
A lot of users love this feature.


i would love the ability to chose the gifs. before posting to channel. as is now, it’s just random so have to put PG13 rating on the gif bot

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