Final Update on Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway

I would really like to see an option to be able to purchase push notifications in blocks in a pay-as-you-go model.


I would agree with Santos and many of the other commenters here. $30/user? That’s outright ridiculous. I run a small subscription based trading firm - one of the services we plan to offer (and fortunately do not offer yet) involves a trade notification service. It would most definitely exceed the current 5000 message limit and even given a high ticket subscription service we would be unable to afford it. How this would play out for people or companies that run nonprofit or small ticket notification services I have no idea.

This is what is going to happen: RocketChat will lose a large portion of its installations, some right in the beginning and some gradually as the realities of the cost involved become more clear in the coming weeks and months. Eventually RC will back peddle but at that time it will already be too late as many if not most of its clientele will have moved on. That is what I predicted for LogMeIn (former client) and that’s exactly what happened. Bait and switch strategies do not work in the 21st century as there are too many other options. I for one - fortunately - still have the option to seek out another platform as we are not yet operational.

BTW, Jabber - while slightly obsolete - is completely free, self hosted, and worked fine for me many years ago. Returning to it would be fairly trivial.

I fully agree with the other in this thread. If woud offer package for notification in let’s say 10k per month or so we will stay. But $30 per user is too heavy and you also have only 25k notification included?

If there is no response we also have to leave and other would leave too. Think about it!


They only have either 10k or 15k (choose one thing a month). There are no other options.

But! You can pay 30$/user per month (or year?) and get 25k push-messages!

I’am a Sponsor on Github for some time now. I’ve sent a short email to the support and the higher limit is now visible on my dashboard:

@ sleepawalker.white It’s per year, but there is a monthly 25k message limit which we would probably exceed. Also if it was just $30 per user per year it may be borderline tolerable but we all know they’ll count a user as soon as he/she joins, so if you offer a sub service that becomes part of your cost of acquisition.

I’m also looking at Matrix and Element as well.

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How does one become a sponsor on Github? I have an account over there.

How long did support respond to you?

I wonder why this information is not available on the sponsorship page.

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Today I received a email which says "As of today, we have not acted on enforcing any cap on the use of our push gateways at all, but please note that we will apply the cap of 5.000 pushes per month starting Nov 16th, 2020. "

Thank you, but why (Rocket.Team) you didn’t display this message in the admin panel when you set the visual limit? Today I was extremely scared that my colleagues and I might stop receiving push-messages.

UPD: Again, I understand that this is open-source, you don’t owe us users anything. But you are trying to monetize the project, acting unprofessionally. Sorry for being blunt.

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I’ve already been in contact with Rocket Chat regarding the push limit. Wrote them yesterday and got the reply last night.

Can you let me know how you applied the sponsorship to your workspace?

I sponsored, but have no idea how to apply to my workspace.

Cool, yet another reason I regret choosing Rocket.Chat for our community almost two years ago. We’re up to about 26,000 push events per month, and paying $30/user would result in nearly $15,000 per month, which is absolutely insane.

I’m going to start looking into setting up a self-hosted Matrix server and porting the existing MongoDB garbage heap to that somehow…

EDIT: I would be willing to consider a pay-as-you-go system such as $1/1k push events.


I think you have to contact the support. They have to set this up for you.

@Nova Interesting offer. And most importantly - convenient.

If, for example, 30k push-messages were not enough, and the end of the month is close, then you buy 3k more and everything is fine.

I think this is very poor execution, with Covid-19 and no way to control what gets pushed, this needs to be considered a possible deal breaker. Once there is a way to only send push when the message is not read then it might make sense. It currently pushed every single message even if your using a desktop app or webpage, so the total push messages are 90% not needed. Without some way to manage it, it feels like a poorly thought out and implemented function.

Please reconsider the pricing, the current pricing model is not going to work for my needs. I am willing to pay, it just has to be reasonable as many other here have stated.

I love rocket chat, but this may force me to look for an alternative solution. I feel the “community” has let us all down.

Thank you.

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@Nova @sleepawalker.white and others…

Is there any interest in coming together as a community, and publishing the mobile apps for generic use, and using a custom push gateway that can be used in place of That’s really what needs to happen here, stop having all of these 1-off white label apps that are spamming stores.

Would require that string change on the server side, and users to switch out apps on their mobile devices.

No limits. No need to be connected to their cloud for pushes (will still need it if you plan on using the other services like marketplace, etc.)


I already thought about raising a similar service today. Calculate expenses and make a website with a donation bar. Make 2 servers and 2 mobile apps. First app for NA/SA, second app for EU.

The feeling that it is easier to do this than to try to reach the developers. We’ve already discussed so many options, but we haven’t received any response.

UPD: Out of respect for the developers - I would not like to do this


@sleepawalker.white - please reach out to me on (same username here).

Anyone for that matter, please reach out, and lets make this happen!

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