Feature Request : Option to move Jitsi to Top Center instead of sidebar


Please consider an option to move the jitsi video window from the RIGHT sidebar, to the top center of the chat area. Having it to the right feels unnatural when using it. The video chat size is limited, and gets crowded with jitsi icons. Having a larger window located at the top center of the screen would resolve these issues. I have included a rough mock up.



If you change the first post up to be in form of a feature request i’ll go ahead and move this over to that category where others can upvote it.


I have edit the post. Thanks for you help!


Pruned and moved. Thanks!


FYI…it looks like jitsi has updated their UI. The new UI makes using jitsi in the sidebar very difficult to use. I’m now having to use the full screen option as a work around.