Hand RC avatars over to Jitsi Meet


This request is mainly cosmetic but I think it would make a lot of sense. Actually I’m a little surprised this isn’t standard behavior with the tight integration of the two services.

People have their avatars in RC but when a Jitsi meet room is started (or joined) from within RC we are stuck with the random avatars that Jitsi serves us. It would be nice to have the RC avatars handed over to Jitsi. For guests the random avatars are fine.


Usually Jitsi uses a Gravatar if an email is given, otherwise fallbacks to its random avatars. I’m not sure if Jitsi supports any other type of avatar, but I believe at least Rocket.Chat can pass the user email to use Gravatar.


Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I am aware of the Gravatar functionality of Jitsi. I don’t know if it is possible at all and if this is better addressed here or at Jitsi, but I still believe this would be a useful addition. Given that users are customizing their avatar appearance within RC it would be a logical extension if those avatars were used when a Jitisi room was opened from within RC.

Not a deal breaker at all but if it could be done it would be appreciated!