Enable Sidebar Extended View

I’m very likely just blind, but I cannot figure out how to enable the “Extended” sidebar view mode. I only see Medium and Condensed as options, and can’t find anything related to “Extended” sidebar view mode in administration other than Sidebar Channel List Mode in Default User Preferences which doesn’t change anything.


Server Version: 0.63.0
Hosted by Rocket.Chat Cloud

This one is kind of confusing.

Goto Adminstration->General->Store Last Message

Once this is enabled that option will show up.


I would never have guessed that. Thanks @aaron.ogle.

I think in the future we will likely ship on by default. So far doesn’t seem to have negative performance impact, so we should be able to remove this confusion.

Having this on also leads to a better experience on new Rocket.Chat+ mobile apps too :slight_smile: