Digital Ocean droplet requirements


Since not long ago I had a self-hosted Rocket.Chat instance on our VPS hosting server. With 2GB of RAM (also shared with a couple of light static websites and the emails) it never gave any sort of problem and we were using that with about 10 people.
However, in the light of easy of management and easier scalability I have lately decided to switch to the Digitalocean deployment.
Since the RAM is not shared with anything else, and we using that workspace with only 3 people at the moment, I went for the 1GB RAM droplet. However, the server crashes on a regular base (every few days) with an out of memory error. The server always crashed when no user was connected, so either the memory used by the RocketChat itself to stay up is so close to 1GB that Ubuntu can’t cache properly, or there are processes that gets run (but shouldn’t) or don’t stop (but should). I am already trying to figure out if there is a memory leak somewhere, but I also wanted to double check about the basic RAM requirements. How much RAM should Rocket.Chat use if there are 1-10 users, if which max 2 connected at the same time?

ADDED: Maybe I should mentioned that my web host was in Debian, while the Digital Ocean droplet runs on Ubuntu.

A bit of investigation reveals you’ll need a MINIMUM of 1Gb JUST for Ubuntu

Oh wow, that’s a huge difference with Debian! Thanks.