Configuring Firebase on Rocket.Chat Android app

Hello, how are you?

I’m trying to setup Firebase Cloud Messaging on Rocket.Chat but when I run build from Android Studio it seems not work. I don’t have any log on console mentioning Firebase and looks very strange to me. I have already included my google-servicces.json, but as I saw, when I run it from Android Studio it install a “foss” version, without google services.

So, what is the foss version and how can I configure the FCM?
I already follow the steps here, what does mean “After you add the initialization code, run your app to send verification to the Firebase console that you’ve successfully installed Firebase.”? What is the initialization code?

Thanks, Danilo.

I believe you’re running the app using FOSS build (scheme). If you want to use FCM, you need to use the release scheme instead, that contains FCM.

Yeah, now it is working. Thanks for helping!

How do you change the release scheme?

I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve gotten pretty far, but push notifications aren’t working and the app is running in the Experimental Debug mode, rather than release.