Channel Avatar Generator


I have created a simple html page with javascript that will generate CustomCSS to give you a custom Avatar on any channel.

I do not see a way to attach a file to share it, but I would love to share this creation with the community as it is quite handy and allows you to easily add a nice custom touch to your server.

Images are resized appropriately with all view modes too.

Is it against the rules to link to a download for this tool?


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Could you provide a link or sample css? I’ve seen a few links to this post from various places so I’m sure users are interested.

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Much appreciated. I’ll give this a test and report back =)

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Thanks for the input … it’s very interesting … I’ll try it. regards

Yes. We definitely lack a community CONTRIB or tools repository.

@Game_Over is the source of this hosted somewhere on Github with a ?

It’s just a single html file located in that zip file. All the js and css are included in the one file. You can view the source by opening it in a text editor.

Also it should be noted this is not a “proper fix” for avatars, and does not show avatars in the mobile applications.

It is a work around using CSS to hide the actual avatar and replace it’s appearance with another image. It’s basically a CSS “trick” to get the appearance we were looking for. After copy/pasting the CSS over and over again and fixing the text for each of the new channels, I felt it was easier to make something like this to generate the code. Seemed to work pretty well so I wanted to share it so anyone can use it if they like it.

Works exactly as described. Thank you for putting this together.

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I’m glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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This should definitely be added to the features list. Well, this and channel groups like Discord has.