Can't connect to Instagram due to already being Authorized

I’ve played with the dockerized version, installed the Instagram App and authentificated and destroyed the container as it was just for testing.

Now I’m having problems authorizing with Instagram, I tried re-authorizing, unauthorizing and deleting the app itself from FB with no luck.

"Error! It seems like you have already connected this Facebook account on a different Rocket.Chat workspace with url: https://chat.*.com

If you wish to disconnect it from there and connect it here instead, then you’d need to first disconnect it from there by running “/instagram unauthorize” command, and then reconnect it here.

:warning: Warning: Before disconnecting the account from the other server, we’d recommend checking if all the chats from Instagram have been closed on the other server. This is because when you’d change the servers, the chat history of any opened chats there, won’t be maintained.

Server Setup Information

Deployment ID
Apps Engine Version
Node Version
Database Migration
304 (April 29, 2024 11:06 AM)
7.0.8 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled)
Commit Details
HEAD: (f8823622e)
Branch: HEAD
Release 6.7.1

I think that might be a ‘slash’ command installed with the app.

Try it in a channel and see what happens.

Already did, it unauthorized on the server but once you authorize it again, I get that error. The command had to be run on the already destroyed docker to make it work. I believe has the authorization info on their server and it can only be fixed by removing it themselves at this point.

Ah… not good then.

You might need to try and open a support ticket as I have no idea how you get out of this one.

Which is impossible unless you dish money. I might have to look for another omnichannel option.

I think you can open a ticket regardless. They do look at CE tickets, though you may not be top priority. And today is May Day and lot of people have a holiday which will delay things.

Alternatively if you open this question on in a thread I may be able to ping
someone to have a look a it, though I know they are on vacation today.