Can't connect - Server Failed to Load


I’ve installed Rocket.Chat with snaps and all worked well.
One or two weeks ago something broke.

Can’t sign in thru the internet. Server Failed to Load.
But can connect via LAN. I’ve checked DNS, it works. Port-forwardings are configuered on the router.
Ubuntu 16.04
Rocket Chat Server Version 0.68.3


Is it an option to revert to the previous version? Or do you have a backup?


Unfortunately, no backups. How can I revert to the previous version?


sudo snap revert rocketchat-server

More info about snaps:


Reversion didn’t help and caused more problems. I couldn’t connect even via LAN. So I updated back.
Any other thoughts?
Thank you in advance.


Is this a VPS? Do you have an initial snapshot of the whole server maybe?


Make sure you have a gig or so of ram might have ran out causing it to crash.

Otherwise check snap logs see snap faq