Cannot use extraData from created channel

Hey guys!

I use extraData param in createChannel method to store my custom props for channels, but the problem arises when i try to use that props in roomList module. I need to fetch my props there but it seems impossible due to incorrect DB collection usage. This is how I try to fetch it:

 const realRooms = RocketChat.models.Rooms.find({}, {
	fields: {
		customProp: 1,
		name: 1

This gives me probably cached room list without customProp. Can you help me figure out how to make it properly?


Solved. Check this. What is a reason for artificially limiting fields that can be fetched from there? Omg that rocketchat.

I think it would be better to set what fields cannot be fetched, not fields that can be fetched.

My guess is its two fold. Security and performance