Can i forbid - receiving private / direct Messages?

Hi there,

ist there any option to deny a user of receiving direct / private messages?

There is the right “view-d-room” but as the description says - it only hides the room - so the user can receive private messages - and when the notification pops up - he clicks on it - and can see the private messages.

I am looking for something like this:

But - if i could deny - the receiving of private messages to a user - i would help me a lot.


I believe there is a permission to forbid the sending of direct messages. That should be the one you are looking for.

Hi aaron,

that`s right - but i would need the “permission : deny receiving direct messages”.
I need to build something like described in the Issue above.

The best for us - would be this:
Let`s say i have three teams - A / B / C - team A is the “management team”.
Team A should be able to write team B and C direct messages.
Team B should be able to write DM to team A -> but not to team C
Team C should be able to write DM to team A -> but not to team B

Ah… Yes that level of control over DMs is not available. You can either allow them for a user or disallow, not restrict partially

Hi Aaron,

any plans to integrate this additional right " receiving private messages "
or better - a structure as described?