Do we need multiple Rocket.Chat servers? Please advise



I am a newbie to Rocket.Chat and have started using it for a few weeks now.
We have Rocket.Chat installed on our cloud server, DigitalOcean and we are using either Chrome or Firefox to access Rocket.Chat. Our current business setup is as follows -

  • We have around 100-150 internal staff who use Rocket.Chat to interact with each other
  • All internal staff can direct message each other
  • Only certain users like Admin, can create channels and private groups
  • Apart from this we have around 200 clients (external users). They aren’t using at the moment. At the moment we use emails/phone calls/WhatsApp etc. to communicate with them.

Our management has asked us for the following -

  • We want our internal staff to interact with our clients, 1-to-1 via Rocket.Chat
  • The client can only interact with the internal staff via predefined select channels or private groups.
  • This interaction will always be 1-to-1
  • The client could interact with our internal staff via mobile or web
  • The client cannot direct message any other client
  • The client cannot see other clients
  • The client cannot create/update/remove channel or channel members

To implement the above requirements, we tried working with the permission provided in Rocket.Chat Admin, but ran into a problem.
Our internal staff John, right now can perform the following functions -

  • Direct message anyone within the organization
  • Create/update/remove channel or channel members

But the moment we change the permissions for John, as per our new requirements, he can no longer send direct message to everyone nor create/update/remove channel or channel members.
So we are at a point where we do not know how to proceed further.

I request the people of this forum to kindly advise us.

Since I am a newbie to Rocket.Chat, so I have been reading through the docs provided online by Rocket.Chat. While reading, I came across a section on this page Enable E2E encryption for Private and Direct Rooms By Default (BETA). More than the info provided in this section, I was curious when I saw this image -

I was interested in the left corner, yellow highlighted box.
Presently after logging into my Rocket.Chat, I don’t see that sidebar. So my second question is, what is that? Could someone please explain that to me? And also point me to some documentation where I can read and understand more about it.

Any help from you guys is much appreciated.
Thank you.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.6.1
  • Operating System: Ubuntu version not known to me
  • Deployment Method: tar
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog: Not known to me
  • NodeJS Version: v12.18.3
  • MongoDB Version: v4.0.3
  • Proxy: Not known to me
  • Firewalls involved: Not known to me

Any additional Information

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I can not help you with your main question, but the sidebar you mention is part of the RC Desktop Clients. It’s like a tab in your browser, as you can be connected to multiple servers at the same time from one client.

@fdellwing, sorry for the late reply. Okay, no wonder I wasn’t able to see that option in the browser. Thanks. Btw, do you know how to import direct messages and group chats into RocketChat? In Administration > import there is a way to import data via csv format. But I am struggling with importing direct messages and group chats into RocketChat. Can you help?