Can i check push statisctic?

How can I currently check the number of used push notifications?
I have version 3.1.1. In the new version 3.5.1, does the Administration Panel notify about the amount of push?

Will connecting to cloud rocketchat show me the use of push?

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I added a test instance to the cloud. It does not contain statistics on the use of push notifications.

As I understand it, there is currently no way for me to see how much push I am using.

Before any sort of charging or limiting happens this will be implemented in cloud as well as I believe locally

This is also important for us, currently no statistics are visible anywhere and enforcing will start this Friday.

You have to register by Friday, which means you have to make a specific decision.
However, we cannot estimate the consumption at all.

The sales department does not provide for larger push packages, which in my opinion is not correct. The only option is to buy the Enterprise edition. And this is how a free tool would turn into a tool costing several thousand dollars.

How will it look like now? Registration until August 14. Statistics will be introduced over time. From when will the fees be enforced? How will it work from Friday? At the beginning, you collect traffic statistics, do you have to be ready for push blocks from Friday after exceeding the threshold of free 5,000?