Camera Option for Rocket Chat Application



I could not find any open requests for this feature, and my apologies if there already is a similar one.

Is it possible to add a camera plugin/function to the mobile app? I know there is a upload function, however it would be much easier to take a photo directly from the app instead of taking the photo first, then opening the app the searching for it then uploading it.


@jaco Thanks for opening the topic. What app are you talking about?


Hello @rafael.kellermann,

Rocket Chat mobile app, Android and IOS. For Android I am using v2.7.0


It looks like you’re using the Cordova application and not our native apps, can you give them a try?

iOS link:
Android link:


Thank you, I downloaded the app as suggested.

I can now directly record and send videos, but I still cannot take pictures and send directly from the app. Please see attached screenshot. I still need to take a picture outside of the app, and them only can I attach the photo. . .

Thanks in advance



Another point, is that there is no “Share” option for files from the default menu options in Android. For example, I would open a screenshot select share, then there is no option for Rocket Chat. This is only possible from within the app.


You’re right, the Android app doesn’t support it yet. Only the iOS version. Will support soon.

This is also something already supported by iOS but not from Android. Will support soon as well.


Argh :frowning:

  Is there possibly a due date, or a related topic already open for



Not yet, please keep an eye on your Announcements category here for new Android/iOS releases. :+1:


Try to download the ReactNative version. The take picture option is available there.


Thank you.

This works 100%. Can it be included in the normal Rocket.Chat app for Android?


It’ll be included very soon. :+1:


Thank you, thank you, thank you


Hi Rafael,

How soon is soon :slight_smile:

I see it’s still not in Rocket.Chat 3.2 (Play Store)


The implementation is ready, will be present in our next release, probably early December.


Much appreciated.

Thank you!


did you add camera and share option to android app?


Yes, you can download the app and use it.


its working now but whenever i clicked image and take more than 10 seconds to send it, its giving me error “use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at path $”


It is March 2019 now. But I don’t see Rocket Chat in the Share menu in Android. Any ETA for adding that? Thanks