AWS ACR Update Time


Quite often, I start the upgrade process to a new version of Rocket Chat, only to find that the relevant image doesn’t exist in the AWS ECR Public Gallery .

Why aren’t these kept up to date with the Releases in GitHub? How long should I expect to wait before they’ll be available?


The docker image build and push is an automated action in github and can sometimes fail or take longer

You can always check those actions. Here, for example, is the link for the latest 5.0 action:

Make sure the image you want is available at our docker hub:

Hey @dudanogueira - thanks for replying!

The Docker Hub image push links are great and I’ll be using them in the future. However, Docker Hub doesn’t link 1-1 to the AWS ECR Public Gallery. e.g. you can see using my link above that 5.0.0 isn’t there, despite that being available on docker hub.

I don’t know how the AWS ECR Public Gallery is updated, but I assume that it’s something under your org’s control. I’d love to know how this works and understand how to gauge when a new image will be published there as well as docker hub.